About VCUK

Why should you join VCUK?


'Maxgear Racing Team', the original name for the team, was set up 7 years ago with one mission statement - 


" To be the most successful cycling development team in the UK "


Formed to help cyclists, from "Grass Roots to Gold Medals", in that time even we were amazed at how well our riders have done and how now many of them have reached the highest levels of cycling. 

In the past, we've helped athletes such as Ex World, Olympic and National Road Race Champion Nicole Cooke, Orica Green Edge's riders Adam and Simon Yates, Rapha Condor riders Hugh Carthy and Richard Handley, 100% ME Academy riders Chris Latham and Chris Lawless and World Duathlon Champion Gordon Crawford, to name just a few. We know what it takes to make it to the top.


VCUK takes that development team to a whole new level in creating the UK's biggest development programme.



 VCUK is for everyone!


BUT VCUK isn't an elitest club. We believe everyone should have the chance to perform to the best of their ability and we have a structured route that allows anyone to fullfill their ambitions whether they want to ride socially or win an Olympic Gold.


By Joining VCUK not only are you part of an exciting forward moving club, but you are part of one of the most successful racing and developement teams in the UK! VCUK is a modern club that embraces technology through the internet but is still focused on the social benefits of sport, we want to be out enjoying a bike ride, swim or run, rather than sat in an old shed having a club meeting.


Also by joining VCUK as a club member, you are directly helping to fund the development teams and you can directly help riders that one day could win the Tour De France. You can be part of that!


VCUK encourage grupettos in local areas to form their own unique ride groups, to communicate with the general membership by way of FACEBOOK and to welcome members from other areas to join them on their own group rides.


VCUK is also one of the very few clubs that can offer a full pyramid of progression - Grass Roots to Gold Medals.

Having many years developing athletes and through our commercial contacts, if you have the potential we can help you get to the TOP!

Our members also have exclusive access to many sports specialists, who can help with advice and exclusive benefits to help make the right kit affordable.


So whether you want to just cycle for fun, or want to win the Tour de France, then VCUK is for you.

Development structure

We want all our members to feel part of the team. For those that dream of making a career in cycling, we have a structured path to help achieve that dream.


The diagram bellow shows the basic structure of the club, whether you are a cyclist or triathlete.

The club kit and racing kits are British Cycling registered.


So whether you want to just cycle for fun, or want to win the Tour de France then VCUK is for you.