Want to start racing?

Here's a great video from GCN to watch that explains most things.


Check List .


  1. Join VCUK.

  2. Buy your race kit.

  3. Join British Cycling and take out a race licence.

  4. Enter a race.

  5. Make sure your bike is road worthy, check the condition of your tyres and brake pads.

  6. Dont forget your helmet, cycling shoes, race kit and race licence on the morning of a race.

  7. Get there early so you're not rushing and can warm up properly.

  8. If you are new to racing, take care in your first races, 'race knowledge' can take years to perfect.

  9. Most important is to enjoy the experience and learn from each race.

  10. Above all your safety is the highest priority and pay attention when racing on open roads.


Want to start Time Trialling?

The team is registered in the Mancehster District as - Champion System / VCUK Racing Team